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Smart Docs is a film production company.  We work with academic and cultural institutions, and healthcare. We know how these kinds of organisations work, and have a track record of helping some of the world’s leading institutions to use film as a strategic resource.

Many organisations we speak to feel they are struggling to compete in a media-rich, resource-poor world where time and money are always in short supply. But by directly addressing project and institutional goals, we help you to use film and media intelligently as part of a wider strategy to:

  • Enrich your work, deepening your relationship with it and producing thought-provoking, accessible material.
  • Build your profile, sharing what you do and opening communication with a variety of audiences.
  • Develop relationships with audiences, engaging them deeper with what you do.
  • Fund more work, by being intelligent about how you make your work, who produces it, who sees it and where.
  • Save time, by streamlining processes at the faculty and organisational or institutional levels so that you have command over the medium and can make it do the right jobs at all levels.

Ultimately, we want to leave you confidently creating, sharing, and implementing your work; thriving and making a difference to a rapidly-changing world.

From these foundations, we work with you in three ways.

Film Production

We make individual films for you from start to finish.


We show you how to plan and create effective film.


We integrate film into the business plan of your organisation.

We have an expert team to work with you at every level. Our experienced film makers can produce for you the very highest quality films; our award-winning producers, journalists, and senior academics can help your organisation to become self-sufficient, producing your own film; and our senior consultants can help you to integrate film into the business plan of your institution.

“Film is no longer an extravagance. You now have to excel in this most ubiquitous medium and make it responsive to your own priorities.”

Paul Craddock

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