Dr. Paul Craddock, Company Director

Paul Craddock is Director of Smart Docs, the company he established in 2012 to make films for world-leading, research-led organisations.  Consulted by institutions such as the V&A, Imperial College, London, and the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Paul has helped some of the world’s leading research teams to use film to enrich their work, enhance their profiles, and attract funding.

In 2010, Paul set up London Consortium television (LCTV) with the tagline ‘thinking in film’ to explore how film could be used as a serious medium in academia, starting out by producing films for Tate, the ICA and the Science Museum, and also creating research-based films as a way to engage with his PhD research.  LCTV was embraced by Birkbeck College in 2012, and has since evolved into the Derek Jarman Lab, which serves the entire university, producing films and running courses.  Since then, Paul has focused on Smart Docs, and has designed approaches to impact, engagement, and legacy, tailoring the process of film making to the priorities of researchers.

Paul’s research specialism is the cultural history of transplant.  He is also Honorary Senior Research Associate in the Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences at UCL Medical School in London, where he works with one of the world’s leading institutions in transplantation, alongside surgeons, scientists, nurses, and transplant researchers.

Smart Docs is based in the UK, in London, and operates internationally.